9 Wonderful Baseball Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Dad has been there at all of your games, time to get him something he really wants. Here’s a list of baseball gift ideas for him!


Having a comfortable pair of baseball sweatpants or shorts to wear around the house while watching his favorite team play baseball can make for a perfect, relaxing afternoon.

Car Products

You can find his favorite team’s keychains, lanyards, license plate frames, auto decals, and more.


Keep an eye out for autographed memorabilia, having something signed by his favorite player/team can last a lifetime.


Every dad needs a good pair of shoes to wear around the house or at work, you can also pickup a pair of team printed baseball flipflops for pretty cheap, too.


Hats, caps, beanies, and more. Every dad could use a new baseball hat every once in a while, especially when they wear them outside while they’re doing yardwork or taking it with them to the gym.

Mancave Decor

Look for cool items like team pennants, autographed poster, baseball team putting greens. Anything you think he would enjoy in his own team mancave, get it.


Baseball season ends in the fall, a nice baseball team jacket helps when the weather starts cooling down. Jackets also make a great gift around the holidays because of the cold weather temperatures.

Baseball Jersey

Does your dad ever wear a baseball team jersey? A lot of dads that enjoy sports do own a jersey, but you can always get a different number than he has (tip: make sure the player you choose is still on the team, jerseys go on sale when a player leaves to another team).

Dress Shirt

A nice dress shirt with your dad’s favorite team can really make him smile and proud as he walks into work to show it off to his coworkers. Just make sure he doesn’t have too many dress shirts already.

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